A product Display Turntable

Mannequin display turntable


SHOW it to SELL it:

A well known fact... isn't it?
Hold the attention of the window shoppers for that fraction of second long to increase the footprints.
"Turn" all the competition around and lead it...!!!

CHAKRA - is a turntable.

Right now it comes in two versions -
Chakra V1 - for Mannequin display and bigger, heavier objects and
Chakra V2 - for products not heavier than 3 kg - like gifts, hooby models, photographs, electronic items, mobiles, jewelry, etc.

Chakra V3 - especially for mannequin display

You can order CHAKRA V3.0 here - BUY NOW

Just plug it in and it's ready to use.

any Special requirements...?

Do write to us about any special requirement. With a strong engineering background and an Industrial Design expertise, we will be happy to listen to you and provide you with a perfect solution.

Chakra V 1

Chakra V 2

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